How it works




Photo fun is a studio set-up for the evening for which we supply many hats, glasses, wigs and funny props on the night and We encourage guests to use them – and sometimes we don’t have to encourage them at all! It is really enjoyed by your wedding day guests of all age groups.

This is a better alternative to the Photobooth because with our Photo Fun Studio not only the guests in the booth have fun, all those guests watching can enjoy seeing the more confident guests having a whale of a time ! 

 With our Photo Fun Studio – guests can post a passport strip of photos with a message to the guestbook.

We can get up to about 20 people in the photo (dependant on space provided at the venue.)

Couples can also organise their own props too which we keep separate and leave when we pack up. We operate the fun studio from just after the first dance to about

10- 45-pm.

Although used for fun photos – many couples and families ask to have a proper portrait done first which is an opportunity not many people get without going to a studio.

Also you have all the Fun studio photos on your disc/usb in high resolution so you don’t need to access them for yourselves [to keep] over the Gallery – although of course you can look at the Gallery! You would have the Fun studio login and could access on honeymoon if you go away!